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Slave Serial Port Bluetooth Module Kit



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This Kit Contain :

  • Serial Port Bluetooth With ExpansionBoard (Slave)  ×1Pcs
  • Tiny USB Bluetooth Adapter -2.0  ×1Pcs
  • USB-TTL Module For Bluetooth  ×1Pcs
  • This item uses HC-06 as the main bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth master/slave module has 4 pins :

Pin 1: +5 V power supply

Pin 2: Data sending Pin (which can be connected with the RXD serial terminal of other other chips)

Pin 3: Data receiving Pin (which can be connected with the TXD serial terminal of other other chips)

Pin 4: GND Ground

Here are some usage examples :

Example 1 : PC serial port + RS232-TTL conversion circuit + Bluetooth master module + Bluetooth slave module


Note : in the example above, master and slave bluetooths can exchange their places, which will not affect data communications. However, on occasions that confidential communications is required, slave bluetooth is connected with PC and master bluetooth is connected equipment terminal, because mobile phones and computers with bluetooth or other Bluetooth devices can not search the master module, but the slave module)

Example 2 : USB-TTL conversion module + master Bluetooth module + slave Bluetooth module


Note : in the example above, master and slave bluetooths can exchange their places.

Example 3 : PC Bluetooth adapter + master Bluetooth module + slave Bluetooth module

Note : in example 3 PC Bluetooth adapter has to work with slave Bluetooth module because it can not pair with master Bluetooth module. Please install IVT Corporation BlueSoleil before using PC Bluetooth adapter. Bluetooth mobile phones and Bluetooth devices can also pair with slave Bluetooth module. Data communication can happen between each other. But Bluetooth management software is needed on Bluetooth mobile phone.

Example 4 : equipments with serial port + master Bluetooth module+ slave Bluetooth module

Note : in example 4, the two equipments can send or receive data wirelessly. they were connected with master Bluetooth module and slave Bluetooth module. When Bluetooth modules are powered on, they will pair with each other automatically, without manually entering the password.

Usage :

1. If you use master Bluetooth mudule and slave Bluetooth mudule to communicate, the two modules will pair with each other automatically.

2. If you use Bluetooth adapter and slave Bluetooth mudule, please install BlueSoleil. Search for devices using BlueSoleil, and the slave Bluetooth mudule will be found. Then select "match" option, enter the password 1234, then OK. Then you can use the serial service.


Baud rate : 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200,230400,460800,921600,1382400. Users are free to change or set it. The default baud rate is 9600.

Frequency: 2.4GHZ-2.48GHZ.ISM Band

Bluetooth protocol: BlueTooth V2.0 standard

Receiving sensitivity: -85dBm

Operating Voltage: 5V

Operating temperature: -40 centigrade to +105 centigrade

Power rating: Class2 (+6 dBm)

Reference Power consumption: 35mA(searching), 8mA(paired)


How to change the setting? (we do not recommend to modify the default settings which can satisfy most needs)

Step 1 : modify the COM settings :

COM:(according to the PC)
Baud rate: 9600
Test bits: N
Data bits: 8
Stop bit: 1

Step 2 : Before the module is paired(when LED lights is flashing), sends the following commands to modify Bluetooth parameters :

1. modify the baud rate

Send: AT + BAUD1 ("1" is a serial number, please refer to the following to find the baud rate you want)

Return: OK1200

Baud rate of the serial number as follows :

    * 1 --------- 1200
    * 2 --------- 2400
    * 3 --------- 4800
    * 4 --------- 9600
    * 5 --------- 19200
    * 6 --------- 38400
    * 7 --------- 57600
    * 8 --------- 115200
    * 9 --------- 230400
    * A --------- 460800
    * B --------- 921600
    * C --------- 1382400

Baud rate above 115200 is not recommend, because the signal interference will make the system unstable. While baud rate is above 115200, the baud rate can not be changed by PC. You have to use MCU to send commands to modify it.

2. modify the Bluetooth name

Send AT + NAMEname ("name" is the name you want, within 20 characters)

Return: OKname

3. modify pairing code

Send AT + PINxxxx ("xxxx" is the password you want)

Return: OKsetpin

4. In order to test the communication between Bluetooth module and PC, send the following command test

Send: AT (if return "OK", communication is successful.)

Return: OK

Product list:

1. Slave Bluetooth Module

2. Connection wire

Size : 5.2cm*1.8cm

Clear the memory

This module has been set with a default address in the memory. If you want it to pair with other bluetooth, you may need to delete the memory. It is very easy. As the picture shows below, find the two points in the red circles and short them for a quick period. Repeat them for several times to make sure it works.


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