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Serial LCD-1602 Shield



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LCD screen is a character 1602 which is often used in the production of electronics and of course it's a simulation.It can be used to display two rows of characters, and each row is 16 characters.

However, to control such a common module is not so easy. First of all, we must occupy the corresponding Arduino pin according to its 4 lines work mode or 8 lines work mode, but this actually occupied more digital I/O pin, especially 8 lines connection mode. Second,although there are corresponding libraries to support,but you should pass the debug,and run on Arduino successfully, at the same time it can meet a lot of problems. Finally, the code to control LCD need take up corresponding memory space, which is difficult for 16K memory space of Arduino.

In order to solve these problems, we have designed this type of serial LCD module based on 1602 characters.To compared with the method before,the advantage is obvious:

  • Adopt serial port to control,to cut down the number of cables linking to the hardware;
  • Do not occupy the memory space of Arduino;
  • To minimize the debugging time through successfully verifying the code.


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