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Z-Wave.Me Raspberry Security Bundle, Complet pack



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The Z-Wave Razberry-Pi GPIO Daughter Card turns every Raspberry Pi board into a Z-Wave Home Automation Gateway. The bundle of hardware and pre-compiled Z-Wave wireless network management software waits to be completed by your own user interface running in a web browser or a mobile phone. 

This bundle makes it the Raspberry for alarm. The Fibaro Motion sensor reports the Raspberry movements, temperature, brightness and vibration. The sensitivity of motion detection can be adjusted so that the pets can not trigger an alarm. If the sensor detects that something is going on, it will report this on your smartphone and leaves the siren with up to 105dB sound. Most burglars let that put to flight. This bundle includes the RaZberry module as well as the Z-Way software for programming the components. A Raspberry Pi is not.

The included Z-Way API offers an easy to understand and easy to use interface applying the well-known JavaScript interface technology JSON on a built in web server. 

Writing your own home automation app was never easier and never more affordable



*Sigma Designs 3102 Z-Wave Transceiver Module
*32 Kbyte external EEPROM - PCBA Antenna for 868/908 MHz
*Connects directly to Raspberry PI GPIO connector


*Based on Reference design from Sigma Designs
*Enhanced functions such as:
*Backup and recovery
*Vendor specific UI settings
*Extended Node Information Frame (up to 20 Command Classes)
*Optimized queue handling
*Firmware update from the Raspberry PI OS


*Certified Z-Wave Middle-ware written in C
*Full Z-Wave based Smart Home Gateway
*Network management (Include, Exclude, Reorganize
*Device interview and configuration
*Management of direct associations between devices
*Sensor access and polling
*Operating actors and access actors status
*Automation engine with rules, scripts, timers
*Job queue management
*Tested against Raspbian wheezy OS
*Implements Z-Wave Network controller based on SDK 4.54
*Offers a native C level API plus web based JSON API
*Local scripting based on Google Java Script Engine V8
*Optimized data subscription model to minimize data traffic over the net
*Localization based on XML language files


  • Compatible with all Z-Wave devices
  • The bundle consists of: 1x RaZberry module, 1x Fibaro Motion Sensor, 1x Aeonlabs indoor siren
  • Complete package



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