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Assembled kit for audio tutorial



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This fully assembled and tested kit gives you the hardware needed to do the Teensy Audio library tutorial. No soldering required. It's fully tested and ready to use.

 Includes: Teensy 3.2, audio adaptor, 14x1D headers, breadboard, 25K pot, microphone, SD card pre-loaded with sound files, 3 pushbuttons, 2 sturdy pots, wires installed in the breadboard, and extra wires (not shown here) for the TFT display. The Teensy, audio adaptor, microphone and pots are fully assembled, so no soldering is needed. We fully test this kit before shipping, so you can start the tutorial with known-good hardware.

Does not include: TFT display, USB Micro-B cable, headphones, printed manual.

Download this PDF manual and print for easy reference while doing the tutorial.


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