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Flora Sewable 3-Pin JST Wiring Adapter



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This board is a sewable adapter with a 3-pin JST wiring adapter.  It's a perfect way to add a simple link between things like our Flora NeoPixels and more complicated products like our NeoPixel Rings.  There are three holes on the board that are perfect for conductive thread (or soldering if you so choose), wired to a single 3-pin JST-PH Adapter.

We also include a 3-pin JST-PH cable.  This product only includes the assembled sew-tap board with the 3-wire JST cable assembly.  Does not include Flora NeoPixels or Flora!

  • Board Dimensions: 14mm x 18mm x 6mm / 0.6" x 0.7" x 0.2"
  • Hole Diameters: 1.3mm / 0.05"
  • Wire Lengths: 300mm ± 30mm / 11.8" ± 1.2"
  • Weight (board and cables): 5g


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