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Master the basics of circuit building using conductive paint and bring this jolly trio to life.

Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint is just like any other water-based paint, except that it conducts electricity! This means that you can paint wires directly onto paper. Add a battery and an LED and you can make your greeting cards flash.

Each Flashing Card Set comes with 3 unique characters designs, and all the materials you need to make them. Once you’re done assembling Polar Bare, Flash (Rudolph’s Lesser Known Cousin), and Circuiting the Globe, you’ll be a pro at basic circuit symbols and component polarity.

In this kit, easy step-by-step instructions will guide you through drawing a circuit, and attaching LEDs and batteries. Complete the circuits, wait for the paint to dry, and watch your cards come to life!

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Add a twinkle to your mantelpiece with these colourful collectibles.


• Draw a working circuit and cold solder components
• Electric Paint is water-based, nontoxic and solvent free
• Dries at room temperature in 10-15 minutes
• Must be fully dry to work
• Easily removable with soap and water
• LEDs may flash up to 10 days depending on battery life
• Assembly time 30 min
• Set includes 3 characters
• Easy and fun activity
• Ages 6 and up

Extensive project examples and resources at: www.bareconductive.com/make

For step-by-step instructions check out the Tutorial

1. Insert LED light and battery through the pin holes.

2. Squeeze a continuous bead of Electric Paint over the line, and make sure to paint onto each component leg to create an electrical connection.

3. Wait 15 minutes for the paint to dry and let the blinking begin!

How Does it Work?

Electric Paint is conductive which means that electricity can pass through it. A battery provides power, and the current passes through the paint to reach the components in the circuit.

When you make a circuit the LED and battery have to be joined in a complete loop for it to work. Electricity flows from the positive leg of the battery to the positive leg of the LED and back round again. LEDs and batteries are polarised which means electricity will only flow in one direction and so they must go in the circuit the right way round.


• Broken circuit –  Is your Electric Paint circuit broken or too thin? — Paint over it thicker, mend breaks.

• Contact – Does your Electric Paint circuit actually make contact with the components? — Add a blob at the base of the components to secure.

• Polarity – Is your LED or battery the wrong way round? Ensure the components are correctly positioned, positive legs in + holes.

• Short circuit – Are your LED or battery short-circuiting? — Take care to prevent Electric Paint from connecting between the legs! Take out the components and scrape away the paint in between or start again with another card template.

In this kit:

3 x Illustrated character cards
1 x Electric Paint Tube
3 x LEDs
3 x Coin cell batteries

Merry Resistivities Tutorial

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of our Flashing Card Sets, this tutorial will help guide you through the process of putting it together. Our easy step-by-step instructions will show you how to draw a simple circuit using Electric Paint and attach an LED and battery to bring your cards to life.

Cold Soldering

Electric Paint can be used as both a liquid wire and an adhesive. Use it to attach components to a range of materials. This is a great alternative to the soldering iron when you’re in a hurry, or working with children!

Series and Parallel Circuits

This is a brief introduction into how you can use Electric Paint to cold solder components and create circuits in parallel and series. Even if you know this already, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to visualise how these circuits can start to become graphics that you can play with.


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