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IP65 waterproof strip splice connector



IP65 Waterproof Strip Solderless Connector,With sharp teeth to piece the waterproof gel surface,Solderless connector for IP65 8mm wide SMD3528LED flex strip

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Used for connecting two pieces of 8mm single color LED Flex Strip

It Connects SMD3528 OR SMD335 LED strips(8mm PCB) with two contacts (single color) together easily, conveniently and strong

The smart quick connector that designed for the IP65 waterproof LED strips make things easier again.The new series quick connectors have sharp teeth on the base, and thick beam on the leaf.

You put the LED flexible on the teeth with the contacts position match with the teeth, and then press the leaf down tightly, and then the teeth will pierce the LED flex strip with gel surface, exactly the contacts position.

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