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4 PIN waterproof connector male and female (RGB)



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Voltage Rating: DC 0—24V,(AC110V,220V)
Current Rating: 1~5A
Grage of Waterproof: IP68
4pin waterproof connector,sold by pair

1.Productive Craft: lead-free handmade soldering, once injection moulding and for all.
2.Voltage Rating: DC 0—24V,(AC110V,220V)
3.Current Rating: 1~5A
4.Breakdown Voltage: ≥1500V
5.Grage of Waterproof: IP68
6.Working Temperature:-40℃~120℃
7.Material: Copper+PVC(international standard)


1.Finished products must have 100%electrical test, disallwing open circuit/short circuit, electrical sudden disconnection.
2.Insulation Resistance: 5.0M ohm/least.
3.Energy Impedance: 3.0 ohm
4.The products passed the RoHS environmental requirements.
5. Connecting point must be one to one.


  • Terminal: Space between 2.54 2*2P Pin Header, Plating gold/tin
  • Sizing Material: 35P-PVC, transparent
  • Waterproof Circle: Black
  • Nut shell: Transparent


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