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HTC Vive Virtual Reality Glasses (VR)



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HTC Vive virtual reality glasses are the most complete virtual reality equipment of the moment. Thanks to the complex system of lenses and technology, as well as internal and external motion detectors, you can experience an authentic virtual experience without limits. You'll hallucinate!

Thanks to the 32 sensors installed, these VR glasses will follow you wherever you go, without dead angles, covering the 360º so that you move with total freedom. The only limit is you.

Enjoy the most realistic video games, immerse yourself in a virtual world with them and be amazed with every new detail, every interaction. The field of vision of the HTC Vive is 110º, so that you can completely immersive.

Coming to 90 fps and a resolution of 2160x1200 pixels, the fluidity and definition of the images will leave you speechless every time you get into HTC Vive.

The interchangeable sponges and the nose pads guarantee an unsurpassed comfort that fits perfectly to your physiognomy so that the integration is complete with your virtual reality glasses.

A multifunction Trackpad gives you the precision you need to navigate naturally and effortlessly, becoming one of the key elements of the HTC Vive virtual reality glasses and a very useful tool for virtual games. Both controllers have 24 sensors each so that each movement you perform is faithfully recreated in the virtual world you are in, allowing you to interact with a level of detail and precision never seen before. Each controller has a two-stage trigger to further expand the number of actions we can perform with the control of the vr.

Total interaction, 360 degrees of absolute fun and real hyper immersion. Two stations placed in the room create a 360 motion detection framework for superior virtual reality experiences. In addition, the configuration of these stations is quite simple, they synchronize automatically and wirelessly and just need a power cable to operate.

When you buy the HTC Vive you will receive the HTC Vive reality glasses, 2 wireless controllers, 2 base stations, a link box, Earbuds, several Live accessories and a guide to install and use your VR glasses.


HTC Vive specifications

Package content:

  •  HTC Vive Headset
  •  2 Wireless Controllers
  •  2 Base stations
  •  Link Box
  •  Earbuds
  •  Accessories Live
  •  GuideBlack color
  •  Suitable for glasses support yes
  •  Oled Display Type
  •  Resolution (total) 2160 x 1200 pixels
  •  Resolution (per eye) 1080 x 1200 pixels
  •  Image Matrix Pentile Matrix
  •  Refresh Rate 90 Hz
  •  Field of view 110 °
  •  Sensors Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscopic sensor
  •  Connections 1x HDMI, 1x headphones, 1x mini DisplayPort, 1x USB 2.0
  •  Audio With built-in microphone


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