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32X8 Red LED Dot Matrix Unit Board - P7.62



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This 32x8 monocolor LED dot matrix by Sure Electronics integrates HT1632 drivers chips. These info boards can be used to display digits, letters and even graphs. It is allowed to connect up to 4 boards of the same kind in series for wider applications such as info display in stores, household, live feeds from different sources.


  • Size: 241.30 (L) - 86.36 (W) - 24.70 (H)±0.2mm;
  • Light-emitting diameter: 5mm;
  • Display color: red;
  • 16-level PWM brightness control;
  • Either one of the two 16-pin male sockets can be used to connect drive board, which powers the 32*8 LED, as well as send data and control signal in a SPI-like mode;
  • Two +5V auxiliary power supply terminals provided;
  • Up to 4 boards are recommended to be connected in series to display more characters;